Collection by Andrea Bakacs

A Wheelchair-Accessible Adaptive Reuse Project in London


Brod Hart’s home in London’s Finsbury Park neighborhood is hidden away on a quiet street filled with the typical Victorian houses that populate the area. But behind the large steel doors that shield it from view stands what once began as stables, later served as a piano factory, and finally was converted to a wheelchair-accessible private residence. Hart managed the renovation himself and lived on-site during the process, which was challenging. His clever DIY skills and design tricks paid off: The end result is an industrial-chic modern house, fully accessible to wheelchair users.

The upstairs living room is an open plan social space, perfect for entertaining.
A vintage fridge at the top of the stairs is balanced by modern and industrial touches.
View of the steel pulley system from upstairs.
Brod Hart, owner, as he enters the lift/elevator he designed and constructed himself.
View into the bedroom with private terrace from the living room.
The upstairs master bath is dark slate tiles, red walls, and gold vintage accents.
Hart’s master bedroom is industrial yet modern.
The upstairs living room open plan shelves hold an old Casio keyboard that belonged to Hart’s grandfather Pete.
Brod replaced the usual and quite ugly workout bench chair with a custom one he made years ago from laminated plywood...
An Eames mid-century coat rack hangs in the kitchen looking onto the second dining room and storage hallway leading to...
Floor to ceiling storage lines the lower hallway leading from the kitchen past two guest bedrooms to a large slate...
A red mechanics tool chest houses car stuff, while a wood block on wheels contains additional stove burners for extra...
Indoor/outdoor living abounds, with plenty of room for entertaining, especially in the custom courtyard that has held...