Collection by Skylar Bergl

A Rare Glimpse of Google's Data Centers


Information giant Google has centers all over the world that drive everything you see on the web. These recently released photos show the poetry that goes into organizing the sheer amount of data on the web.

At the Hamina, Finland, Google center, sprawling rows of servers line the floor of what was formerly a paper mill.
Here in the cooling plant, the frigid waters from the nearby Gulf of Finland enter the cooling ecosystem of the data...
Google keeps things color coordinated better than anyone.
We've all fawned over the comfortable accouterments of the Google headquarters before.
The Mayes County, Oklahoma, center displays the uniformity that Google has come to symbolize.
Again, organization is king. It's easy to let a mess of wires distract from the overall function of the server.
Each server is outfitted with a very bright, very environmentally friendly LED light that will last much longer than a...
Here's another display of the colorful water pipes, this time in Douglas County, Georgia.
Motion sensors are calibrated to detect anything moving about in the server rooms.
Inside the network rooms is a robust system of fiber optic routers that allow workers to communicate with each other...
To facilitate a lower operating temperature, Google hung transparent, plastic curtains between the servers and the...
Like a scene out of Tron, this is a rare look between the server racks.
To keep their loyal users and their information safe and sound, it's Google's policy to round up old drives and destroy...
Not all of the interesting things happen inside of the data centers, though.
The multitudes of cooling tanks create the image of a small army, waiting to deploy the thousands of gallons of water...