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A Pool In Austin Built For Relaxing


This Austin, TX pool and deck combination is the perfect mix of simple design with dramatic features. A square deck goes beyond ordinary with Zuri Premium Decking (a composite decking that looks identical to real wood), and an acute attention to detail. The pool elevates the space with a custom waterfall and fountain feature. All-in-all, this project is a peaceful oasis for the homeowners.

Built by Cody Pool and Southern Outdoor Appeal

When dealing with a project that has uneven sun exposure, a composite decking product is a good option since the best...
Attention to detail is key to any outdoor project.
This custom freeform pool was strategically placed in the backyard to allow the homeowners to soak up the sun or relax...
When dealing with the summer months in Austin, TX shade is a necessity for any outdoor space.
A water feature is a great way to enhance your outdoor space.
This pool took advantage of the shallow wading area by adding a fountain that can be turned on and off, making the...
This project uses a revolutionary PVC product called Zuri Premium Decking which has the low maintenance of a composite...