Collection by Jami Smith

A Modern Geometric Home in Northcote


Brunswick, Australia-based studio Breathe Architecture crafts a compact and modern residence perfectly fit for a family of five in a small suburb in Melbourne.

Utilizing local materials to construct the Stonewood House, Breathe Architecture selected Sugar Gum timber and...
Breathe Architects designed the homes roof to slope downwards to minimize overshadowing. Photo by Andrew Wuttke.
Per request, the home is equally exposed and open to the surrounding neighborhood, while simultaneously maintaining its...
Geometric patterns and shapes appear throughout the homes interior. Photo by Andrew Wuttke.
A convenient built-in storage unit lines the hallway. Photo by Andrew Wuttke.
The living room features an operable door which leads to the patio. Photo by Andrew Wuttke.
As shown above, yellow accents appear throughout the interior. Photo by Andrew Wuttke.