Yours Truly

Yours Truly


Yours Truly' is KNOCKONWOOD’S latest collection as a dedication to functional design. Good Design to us is sustainable, functional and beautiful; With Yours Truly’, we have endeavored to coalesce state-of-the-art, scientific trends with Art. Each product in this collection speaks of attention to detail, precision and our commitment to good craftsmanship.

 The Butler| (Dining cabinet)The making of ‘The Butler’ exemplifies KNOCKONWOOD’s reliance on artisans’ skills and hand-crafting techniques. With this cabinet, we aim to express the pleasures of the interaction between wood, mind, body and hand tools; to convert rough looking wood into dimensioned material and a product of great beauty. By deftly incorporating the original details involved in the manufacturing process, this cabinet tells a story; a story of the mastery of the craftsmen, an essential element of the manufacturing process.The gorgeous design of the cabinet makes it the perfect addition to a room where people come together to enjoy special moments.Aimed to provide a complete buffet solution, this 8-foot long cabinet is a combination of 4 different components. Whilst the first and second sections form the bar, the third section is designed for storage with pull-out drawers for items such as cutlery, etc. The fourth component serves the purpose of a hydraulic tea trolley. Differing from the first three, this section is designed with sliding shutters that provide more room for storing other related items out of sight. 

 Solemate|(Shoe cabinet) (board and ash wood combination, and cut work makes for a good air escape for shoes)With the intent of creating a product that adapts to people and befriends its surrounding rather than people adapting to it, we present to you ‘The Solemate’. The perfect blend of function and style, along with a beautiful seating component, this cabinet is crafted to hold shoes and other paraphernalia. Solemate is constructed from a combination of board and ash wood. The cut work on the wood not only lends an elegant look to the piece, but makes for a good air escape for the shoes. Displaying up to 14 pairs of shoes effortlessly, the lower section of the rack is divided in two parts for accessories such as shoe horn, cleaning cloth etc. and the seating. 

 Mistress (Bedside cabinet)‘The Mistress’ is conceived as an element that not only complements your bedside, but is what completes it. This bedside cabinet exhibits high level of quality and design, while attending to a multitude of individual requirements. Devised as a solution to the inherent laziness in bed, the mistress physically and metaphorically is ‘a secret place for all personal items.’While the top of the cabinet provides you with access to daily essentials such as a water bottle, tissue holder etc., a hinged lid further augments plenty of electronic possibilities with an outlet that can charge 3-5 units at a time. The pull out drawers are lined with felt to avoid scratches on devices such as tablets, phones, iPod's etc. One of the drawers opens up with a number lock to keep valuables and secret treasures hidden (wallet, rings, pen, etc.). Accessorized with lighting, this cabinet is ideal for the bedroom. 

 PA (Home office)A multi-functional addition to the home or the home study, the personal assistant is a beautiful and thoughtfully designed piece of furniture that serves to its name functionally and dutifully. Bringing the best of both personal and professional worlds together into one single piece of furniture, it offers a stylish, yet functional way to store files, supplies and other equipment. The pull-out work top further slides out to showcase stationery while the shutters have provision for holding essentials such as pen, pencils, etc. If one uses a fax machine, copier or printer on a consistent basis, it is an ideal place to store these items for ease of access. The cabinet comes with ample storage and lets its owner add a personal touch while decorating, so as to make it more bespoke, comfortable, relaxing and yet, productive. Its bold color scheme and ombre finish provides a visual pleasure. And if that wasn’t enough, the knob on one side of the PA holds a flat piece of wood that opens up to form a chair.   


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