5 Things to Buy to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

5 Things to Buy to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

It’s the year of the rabbit! Wear red!

The Lunar New Year is imminent, and if you’re not prepared for what’s to come, now’s a good time to get there. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, and if you happen to be born under this zodiac sign, some advice, courtesy of a very good source (my mother): Wear red underwear and be careful, because bad luck lurks around every corner. 

Though that theory has yet to be tested, it’s sound advice! But there are other ways to celebrate the New Year—open your wallet (and your heart) to these picks, all from AAPI-owned businesses. 

It’s tradition to give money in red envelopes at the start of the New Year for good luck. These hong bao from Yun Hai are inspired by Chinese paper cutting and made in Taiwan. 

Yun Hai x o.oo Year of the Rabbit Red Envelopes
Red envelopes are exchanged during the Lunar New Year as a way to give "lucky money;" the gift symbolizes good wishes for the year ahead.

Listen, there’s no right or wrong time to eat dumplings, but doing so during the New Year feels particularly festive. Use this steamer from Fly By Jing for your XLB and dress up the dipping sauce with Sichuan Gold, a new chili oil that’s spicy as hell, but in a good way. 

Fly by Jing Big Steamy
Meet Big Steamy — a durable stovetop steamer, the perfect size for steaming dumplings for two. The 3-piece steamer set includes: Ceramic base, cover, and nesting bamboo steamer basket. Dishwasher and oven-safe. 

Fly by Jing Sichuan Gold
Introducing Sichuan Gold: A bright and flavorful chili oil spiked with the electrifying tingle of Sichuan’s prized Tribute Peppers for a heady, full-body flavor experience. 9x the heat of our classic Chili Oil.

If you buy Material Kitchen’s Reboard cutting board in the color "To Po Po With Love" (a pleasing, almond-y neutral), 50 percent of the profits will go to Hearts of Dinner, a non-profit organization working to combat food insecurity and loneliness in New York City’s elderly Asian American community. 

Material The reBoard
Reimagining plastic in the kitchen. Making a difference starts with two ingredients—recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane. Our bold collection of dishwasher-safe cutting boards uses zero virgin plastic and is one step towards a more sustainable kitchen.  

Gather your good-luck oranges in this vessel, which will be the strangest and also the most endearing centerpiece to grace your table. 

Wing On Wo & Co Monkey Centerpiece
Po started sourcing these playful monkey centerpieces from a supplier in Hong Kong in the early 90s. They’ve been a staple to the shop ever since and we’re proud to be continuing this monkey legacy today. Perfect for holding fruit, main dishes, or really anything!

Long gone are the days of Motorola RAZRs weighed down by the heft of jingling cell-phone charms, but this Sandy Liang item, from her Lunar New Year capsule collection, is a cheeky little bit of nostalgia. 

Sandy Liang Drip Drop Phone Charm
Pearl anime eye on a red nylon string to dangle  from your phone.  

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Megan Reynolds
Senior Home Guides Editor
Megan Reynolds is Dwell's Senior Home Guides Editor. She's previously worked at Jezebel, The Billfold, and many others. She feels strongly about neon as a neutral and loves a good lamp. Holler: megan.reynolds @ dwell dot com.


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