Would You Live in a Smart Home?

Would You Live in a Smart Home?

Our July/August 2015 issue is all about home automation. When doing research, we asked our fans: would you live in a connected home? Here, we share some of the responses, ranging from the wary to the enthusiastic. Chime in with your own thoughts in the comments!
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It would need to come with free lifetime tech support.
Bradley H. Dilks
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No, I have a vision of the Umbrella Corporation taking over or of being trapped like in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
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I would. It’s convenient, lowers utilities, and reduces gadget clutter and wall acne. 
Jessica R. Walker
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If by smart home, you mean designed by an architect—yes.
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Absolutely, because it would lower utility costs and make access to information and other things easier.
Kevin Cardani
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They're super great as long as power, cable, phone service, and satellites are all running. They seem incompatible with increasingly extreme weather.
Li Davidov 
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Meh, I work in IT all day. When I come home I'd rather not have all that junk everywhere.
Bret Prins 
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No. In fact, I prefer less technology in my home. I think we as people are utilizing technology a bit too much on our lives. And it opens my home up to hacking.
Jill Lampe 
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Only if it is a secure Internet connection. No interest in corporations or the government knowing my energy habits.
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No, I live in Costa Rica and that would just be a disaster with the power outages.
Violetta Grosshandler 
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No. I'm not a fan of extreme technology. The price is too high for how quickly technology becomes obsolete. There is too much that can fail, leaving inhabitants helpless. Simple can be very smart.
Eric H Chappelle 
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No, the technology is dated too quickly. Within five years it will be dated and affect your resale value.
Keith Berry 
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Of course I would. I actually very much hope to. It seems like an attractive option because I imagine that living in a home that seems to help you out as you do your tasks or makes your experience more pleasurable is a welcome thing.
Blaize Thomas 
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I like to have manual backups for almost everything. Not sure I would trust full automation.
Chantal Antonakis 
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The lines between regular and smart components in any home are getting blurred. Programmable thermostat is considered smart. More bulbs, outlets and switches are becoming smart so it's just a matter of time before the non smart options are obsolete.
Filip Galiza
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What, exactly, can a "smart" home provide? If it's energy efficiency, I'm all for it. Otherwise, all I really see is a useless security threat.
Talus Baddley 
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Well since I can't even operate my iPhone, I'm fairly certain I'd end up sleeping in the garden shed and listening to SIRI give me directions to the back door.
Michael Miller 
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