Workspace Modern Lighting Inside the Pixar Animation Studios

Workspace Modern Lighting Inside the Pixar Animation Studios

By Niche
What do the creators of Finding Nemo and Niche have in common? A knack for great modern lighting, of course!

The Pixar Animation Studio in Emeryville, California went through a renovation of one of their campus buildings with the expertise of Huntsman Architectural Group. Due to growing staff, this project was largely client-directed to turn this existing mixed-use warehouse into a facility that mimics an urban master plan.

Office areas are located along the perimeter, while the conference rooms, editing rooms, fitness center, and art studio all radiate from the central hub. This type of layout draws building occupants to the center and encourages creative interaction. Seeing Niche's Pharos modern pendant lights take the stage in the central hub is certainly a treat! The workspace modern lighting provides a focal point for the collaborative counter area. Signature glass colors in Crimson, Smoke, Amber, and Chocolate play off of the colors found in Pixar's still-scenes that make up the space's wall art.


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