Winner: Color Me Impressed, Round 1

Winner: Color Me Impressed, Round 1

Join us in congratulating Cara Veeder for her submission, Josef Albers' Dinner Party!

Designer's Statement:

Josef Albers, in his unique approach to color, always begins the paintings in his Homage to the Square series at the center and works outward. It is this center space where Albers prepares for color interactions. I consider the center point of a dining room to be the table, a place for FAMILY interactions.

Albers identifies his canvas as "a platter on which to serve color," so in answer to that bold statement, I have placed a centerpiece on the table...a (literal) platter on which to serve rich, colorful foods, made of square plates in 3 tiers (easy to make!) The top view of the platter creates an Homage to Albers' Squares!

The colors themselves are inspired by tantalizing foods, starting in the center with Black Mahogany. This color is reminiscent of rich dark chocolates and flavorful coffees. Next, a splash of Minty Green, a fresh and succulent color. Finally, moving outward, Mustard Seed...a color befitting zesty curries and Moroccan spices.

These three colors, though a little unexpected and not traditionally thought of as "dining room colors" have an appropriate relationship to food and an inviting sensibility.

The layout of the collage symbolizes a pin board, much like one would create when testing paint chips or when planning to remodel a room. (And the arrangement of the square photos creates an Homage to the Square of its own!)


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