Dwell On This: Be Strategic About Mirror Placement

Dwell On This: Be Strategic About Mirror Placement

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the fairest angle of them all?
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  • Anyone can give this a try.


  • You'll need some mirrors, but they don't need to be splurges.


  • Take some time to reflect on best placement.

What brightens a dark room, enlarges a small space, and makes a sparsely decorated room seem more compelling? A mirror. But not just any mirror—one that’s thoughtfully placed to magnify light, extend a view, or add an unexpected element of interest. It’s time to reflect on your decisions and give mirrors the same amount of attention as your artwork. 

Mirrors are standard issue in bathrooms and dressing areas, but thinking beyond the purely utilitarian can reveal a fresh perspective of your home. 

Here are some tips and ideas for positioning mirrors more creatively:

  • A narrow mirror at the end of the hallway extends the view; mirrors placed in multiples along a hallway widen perceived space. 
  •  A larger mirror placed parallel to a dining table will make gatherings feel even more festive. 
  •  Tinted mirrors can add a surprising, reflective flash of color.
  • Set a mirror perpendicular to where morning or evening sunlight enters the home and extend that golden light deeper into the corners of a room.
  • Add a large, paned mirror in rooms without a window to create the illusion of a view outward. 
  • Position a mirror to reveal an entirely new perspective, like the other side of a sculpture, decorative piece, or piece of furniture. 
  • Use mirrors near doorways to create angled views into those adjoining spaces.Think of dimensional objects as a reflective surface. 

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Illustration by Sophia Yeshi

Gregory Han
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