What Design Trend Do You Wish Would Die?

What Design Trend Do You Wish Would Die?

By Dwell
In the age of the hashtag, fads emerge faster than ever. “Hygge,” “Kondo-ing,” macramé—some crazes fall out of favor eventually, while others persist interminably. We asked around: What kind of design do you find grossly overrated? Don’t forget to leave you answer in the comments.

Subway tile, reclaimed wood, and Edison bulbs. 

Lloyd DesBrisay on Dwell

Midcentury modern. While interesting to millennials, not so much to those who grew up with it.  

Laura Davies on Facebook 

Brass—and soon, copper. It’s artifice. 

Britt on Dwell

Chevron must go! @sean_ike on Twitter 

Painting brick houses white. 

Lynda Berry Weaver on Facebook

Annual color forecasts.
@designreloaded on Twitter 

Photo courtesy of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. (Edison Marconi bulb) 

Inspirational words painted in various whimsical fonts on barn boards. Please go away.
Catharine Saunders on Facebook 

Rainscreen siding AKA wasp nesting grounds.
@ma2_architects on Twitter 

Color-coordinated books.

Gael Weber on Dwell

To me, shabby chic has always been merely shabby.
Dick Rehse on Dwell 

Bohemian. If I wanted to navigate a messy room full of overstuffed throw pillows, I’d live in a dorm.
Michael Xavier on Facebook 

Stags and deer on cushions. Too contrived and twee.
@somewherefiona on Twitter 

I am so tired of perfectly tasteful, minimalist designs for quiet yuppies who love coffee. Give me something wild, extravagant, unexpected, unsensible.
Killiam Smashes on Dwell 


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