A Sun-Catching Atrium With Delightful Archways Anchors This North Carolina Home

A Sun-Catching Atrium With Delightful Archways Anchors This North Carolina Home

By Tess Holland
Clad in rot-resistant cypress, the eco-friendly Westwood House in Asheville ushers in light and fresh air.

Both energy-efficient and architecturally compelling, the Westwood House in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, takes a wedge-shaped form that optimizes views, sunlight, cross ventilation, and privacy. 

The 3,000-square-foot residence boasts a shed roof populated by solar paneling. Directly below, Assembly Architecture & Build positioned a central atrium that allows natural light to fill the core of the home while reducing the need for street-facing windows. Operable skylights above bring up cool air from the basement through the chimney effect.

The overall design feels both open and private. This dualism carries over to the home’s intimate eating nook and entryway, which are made breathable by sweeping arches and a keyhole opening. Locally milled pine and cypress woods throughout the home and Spanish terra-cotta floors in the foyer accentuate Westwood House’s inviting, bohemian feel.  

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