Wall Decals from Blik

The Thought Bubbles design should allow any wag to tag the wall of his choice. Cuteness (or perhaps over-cuteness), as it inexorably must, is bound to follow.

For those with an Otl Aicher thing, the Modular Icon design should allow you to create infographics, pictograms, and a representation of pretty much any Olympic event on the bedroom wall.

The Punctuation Flowers are a bit more abstract, though will certainly jostle for attention with anything else in the room. Wall candy for an otherwise dowdy copy editor? Why the hell not?


Little adds a bit of visual spice to the walls like a pop of color. Wallpaper is a fine bet, and the growing glut of the stuff should make it easy enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. Wall decals have also had something of a vogue, and in that vein we turn to the 2x4 collection for Blik. A handful of new designs by 2x4, a firm of identity designers who have worked for MTV, Prada, and other "seems-I've-heard-of-them" brands, are certainly worth a look. In fact they defy you not to notice them.



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