VIGNETTE /Inspired by Constructivist art
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VIGNETTE /Inspired by Constructivist art

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By Ladies & Gentlemen Studio / Published by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio
Jewelry Collection by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Designed by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, VIGNETTE is a 12 piece seasonless collection inspired by 20th century Constructivist art and the Bauhaus movement, exploring the elemental relationship of form and concept. Vignette deduces jewelry to line and shape to express an essential relationship of ornament to the body. The resulting compositions reveal decoration as a formal gesture isolated from extraneous elements, materials or finishes. Each piece is made with sterling silver and designed to interact with the body and clothing to create a composed narrative that is completed by how one chooses to wear the piece. 

 DESIGNED BY-Ladies & Gentlemen Studio ( 

 PHOTOGRAPHER- Robin Stein (

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