Valerie x Commune Design Chocolates

Valerie x Commune Design Chocolates

By Aaron Britt
Little throws the Dwell office into a tizzy of afternoon consumption than some toothsome confection (Full disclosure: Baked goods have a similar effect). Imagine then how popular I became when my desk played host to a chilled box of Commune Chocolates from Commune Design revealed 49 chocolates cut to look like Byzantine tiles. They were scooped up immediately, even before I had a chance to take a photo of my greedy colleagues, their messy fingers covered in the remnants of 72% bittersweet chocolate.

Commune Chocolates is the result of a collaboration between Commune Design and Valerie Confections, each Angeleno companies intent on keeping their materials and production local, though I somehow doubt that the sweets come from cocoa trees in West Covina. Nonetheless, the partnership between the two L.A. brands brings together two of the the city's leaders in design and food.

The motif for both the packaging and the chocolates themselves was based on Byzantine tiles, and when you open the box you see them laid out in a repeating grid that immediately brings to mind ideas of repetition and infinity that are so common in Middle Eastern architecture and decor.

As for the taste, well, that's awfully good as well. This is the first in the Commune Chocolates line and the limited edition of 1,000 boxes is on sale for $49 at both the Commune and Valerie websites through October 2011 or until they're gone. Look for the next set of Commune Chocolates at some point next year.


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