Update: Studio Dror

Two such projects are currently either in the design or construction stage. First, his Ecohouse, a proposal in New York State: the conceptual design has an A-frame roof that helps conserve heat, deflects light and eases snow run-off. In the summer months, a flat roof replaces the A-frame roof, utilizing a sub-roof ventilation band to create a wind tunnel that circulates breezes to render the heat cooler.

And his Nurai condo development in Dubai has at least one nod to sustainability: it proposes to preserve the tranquility of a series of islands by effectively building many of its 31 condos under the carpet of the topography: "swept under the carpet", as he describes it. The structures are visible only through the glass walls that look upon the beaches. As for the 36 "water villas"? They are built on ocean-top stilts.

Modernism goes full circle.

Images from Studio Dror

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