Tulsa, Oklahoma, Will Pay You $10K to Move There
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Tulsa, Oklahoma, Will Pay You $10K to Move There

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By Duncan Nielsen
For the second year, Tulsa is offering cash, co-working space, and a furnished rental to remote workers who relocate.

Tech types, keyboard jockeys, and self-starters take heed: Tulsa Remote is back for its second round, offering transplants a $2,500 relocation fee, a $500-a-month stipend, and a $1,500 bonus if you stick around for the 12-month term. All in, it’s a $10,000 value for anyone with a work-remote gig. 

Like last year’s offering, the agreement comes with a membership to the 36 Degrees North co-working space—an $1,800 value—and a furnished rental. This year, newbies can choose an apartment rental from a city-curated housing portal that focuses on like-minded remote communities. 

The Tulsa Remote Program pays remote workers $10,000 to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for one year.

With another round of funding from the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the program is meant to continue reversing Tulsa’s stagnant population growth without encumbering the local job market.

"I suspect that they don’t want to be subsidizing people who come here and would otherwise be competing for jobs with local people," Gene Perry, director of strategy and communications at Tulsa-based Oklahoma Policy Institute, told CBS News.

Tulsa is replete with art deco architecture, as shown here by the Boston Avenue Methodist Church. 

The city hopes the year-long commitment from spirited entrepreneurs  will lead to the opening of new businesses and expansion of the local economy. They especially hope to draw more individuals from bigger cities that have higher median incomes. 

After a frenzy of interest in the first year—about 10,000 applied with fewer than 100 accepted—Tulsa Remote will be using the grant money to take on triple that number in 2020. Anywhere from 250-300 people will be accepted this go-around. 

Like a tech startup, Tulsa Remote’s website greets visitors with cheery, simple messaging. "Hi, remote workers! We'll pay you to work from Tulsa. You're going to love it here," it reads. "Tulsa has a great cost of living, and likely cheaper housing than where you currently live."

If that’s true for you, learn more or apply at Tulsa Remote

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Images courtesy of Jill Reed and Caleb Long

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