Try Mindful for Chrome

Try Mindful for Chrome

By Jonathan Simcoe / Published by Jonathan Simcoe
Every once in a while you come across a tool that entirely changes your worklow for the better.

Mindful (beta) from Adrian Zumbrunnen may just be the thing you need to mix up your creative flow.

It's really simple. Mindful is a Chrome extension that syncs across all your browsers and is a way to quickly capture tasks, notes, or things you want to remember for later or stay focused on.

Adrian is a designer at Google, and formerly was at iA, the group behind the iconic iA Writer.

Mindful follows in the same vein as Writer with a minimal, focused, monospaced vibe in two colors: light or dark.

Check out Mindful. Upvote it on Product Hunt.

Stay focused and stay creative!

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