The Latest Water-Saving Technology for Your Home and Garden in 2020

This year’s selections range from a voice-activated faucet to a panel that collects drinking water from sunlight and air.
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New-to-market tech can make the most of the water your home uses and  keep your garden growing. Here are our favorite new products.

Source Rexi Hydropanel

Zero Mass Water has unveiled "hydropanels" for the roof or ground that use sunlight and air to generate up to 1.3 gallons of drinking water a day, depending on humidity and other conditions.

Installed under a sink, Phyn’s smart water assistant measures tiny changes to the pressure in your pipes 240 times per second to monitor water use and detect leaks.

B-Hyve’s app-enabled sprinkler controller factors in ground slope, soil, sun exposure, and other variables to calibrate when and how much to water. It even checks local weather reports and adjusts use accordingly.

The U faucet lets you turn it on and off and manage temperature with a voice assistant. Need exactly one cup of water? Just ask.

Designed to be installed under the kitchen sink, Sepura’s system streamlines the composting process by separating food scraps and liquids and then depositing the solids into an odorless bin.

Connected to your home’s existing water system, the Hydraloop processes wastewater so that it is clean, safe, and reusable for washing the dishes or doing a load of laundry.



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