Top 5 Homes of the Week That Take Minimalism to the Max

Top 5 Homes of the Week That Take Minimalism to the Max

By Samantha Daly
These spare homes turn our minimalist dreams into a stylish reality. Featuring muted color schemes, sparse furniture, and light-filled living spaces, our editor's top picks of the week prove that less is more.

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1. Pink House

Architect: Mezzo Atelier, Location: Ponta Delgada, Portugal

From the architect: "The design's main goal was to keep the construction’s character, lines, and rural atmosphere while adapting the enclosed structure to a completely new typology and contemporary regulations. The interiors and custom made furniture were carefully designed in order to create a neutral and peaceful atmosphere, allowing the garden views to be prominent on the inside spaces."

2. House K

Architect: Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller, Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

From the architect: "This estate was constructed by the National Socialists in 1935/36 in a period of one and a half years as a model estate that formed part of the propaganda exhibition ‘Schaffendes Volk.' As the required rooms could not be incorporated in the existing building it was decided to replace the house with a new structure. Thanks to its formal restraint the new building integrates well into the surrounding structures without negating it contemporary character as an example of 21st Century architecture." 

3. LIGHTSLICE Apartment

Architect: Cometa Architects, Location: Barcelona, Spain

From the architect: "The architects, Faidra Matziaraki and Victor Gonzalez, stripped down [the apartment's] dark layout and ‘rescued’ it from the run-down state, transforming it into a luxurious bright space. To make the most of the compact space and the available light, [we] removed all of the internal walls to create an open-plan apartment. Layers of floor tiling were removed and the original beams [were] restored." 

4. House ILL

Architect: INT2 architecture, Location: Carnikava, Latvia

From the architect: "The interior of the house is minimalist: simple finishing, lack of catchy details and decor, ecological materials. Emphasizing the connection between the forest and the interior is the main concept of this project." 

5. Martina

Architect: deltastudio, Location: Caprarola, Italy

From the architect: "The interior becomes essential [as] materials and colors interact with the external landscape. The light enters from the large windows of the living room and crosses the slots of the old original building illuminating the kitchen. The surrounding nature penetrates into the rooms as a manifesto of what pushed the owners to leave the city.The different surfaces design the living area. The desire to break the rigor and the silence of minimal furnishings materializes in the joints of the materials and in the staircase net. We move over material-changing floor, from the ceramic to the cement, to the parquet of the sleeping area. Here essential rooms, almost monastic, tell the peasant tradition of the rural context that houses the house."

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