Three Great House Blogs

Three Great House Blogs

People blog about just about everything, so why not the massive undertaking of building your house? More and more, we're coming across great chronicles of how a prefab comes together or a renovation takes shape not from the design press, but from the homeowners themselves. And in an effort to give even more backstory than you got in the pages of Dwell, here are two great blogs about houses that have appeared in our magazine in the last few issues. And we close with a blog to watch as a young couple chronicles the process of making a new home.
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To learn even more about what goes on in Paul and Shoko Shozi's SoCal prefab, check out the blog Paul keeps. I had a great time visiting the couple's home and you'll get an even deeper look at how the design of this wonderfully tranquil house perfectly mirrors its owners lives. Those pumpkins in the courtyard next to the Japanese maple are amazing.

Loads of readers wrote in to ask how Matt and Katherine get into their lofted bed. The answer (purchased after our photo shoot) is a library ladder.

Harpoon House

In our most recent small spaces issue we covered the Harpoon House in Portland, Oregon. To see the running narrative of how this clever abode came to be, and to see what's new (that library ladder to the sleeping loft!), check in on Katherine Bovve and Matt Kirkpatrick's fine blog.

I love this model created for the house that will eventually be fifth from the top.

Fifth from the Top

Finally, here's a really great blog that is less about construction (the couple who run it aren't quite there yet) than inspiration. An Angeleno pair has fastened on a plot of land in Highland Park and are now scheming and dreaming of what they'll put there. Follow the progress on Fifth from the Top and before long you may see the finished product right here at Dwell.


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