This Is How an Aussie Model Decorates a Family Home—and It's So Cool

This Is How an Aussie Model Decorates a Family Home—and It's So Cool

By MyDomaine / Published by MyDomaine
Some people are just born with that cool factor in their genes. We're not talking about the popular vote here either, we're referring to those unique individuals who radiate when they smile and have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes us flock to them like moths to a flame.

Anna Feller is one of those people. The gorgeous Australian-based Canadian model and mom to three-year-old Banjo Love is a rare beauty, and not just physically either (although we can clearly see why it's her profession). Rather it's her internal allure that sets her apart from the pack. 

Working and traveling the world as a model since she was 17, Feller had to make her personal wellness a priority to maintain a busy schedule. Now as a mom, she hopes to connect with and inspire other families to do the same with her new site, Wilder by Anna Feller. The talented natural beauty recently showed us inside her boho-chic home, and as so many of the previous home tours we've covered prove, Aussie design never fails to satisfy

For Feller, art imitates life, and this stunning Sydney-side home is a glittering example of how personal style can influence your home interior. The model's whimsical flair and gypsy sensibility touch every corner of the beachfront family abode with a curated mix of global treasures, vintage finds, and modern furniture. It's effortless and comfortable yet impeccably chic and covetable all at once. Can we hear a collective swoon? Ahead, Feller shares her design notes, health and wellness tips for busy families, and perfecting the art of a work/life balance. 

This story originally appeared on MyDomaine and was written by Sacha Strebe

MYDOMAINE: Tell us about Wilder and why you launched the site? 

ANNA FELLER: I launched my site, Wilder, with the intention to create a hub for mothers and fathers who wanted to breathe a more holistic upbringing into their children's lives. As we grow, Wilder hopes to also encourage children to explore their wild side from getting dirty in the garden, swimming in the ocean, climbing trees, picking flowers, and being among nature in its rawest form. Acting is my official platform now, and I'm working on some other exciting things this year that will be an extension of the site. Watch this space!

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MD: What do you hope women will get out of Wilder? 

AF: I hope Wilder provides readers with a sense of community and a support network. The site is still relatively new at the moment, so there is a lot that will be happening in the next few months that will continue to expand the site's offerings. I see the site naturally growing into a space where we can look to find inspiration, support, and diverse injections of natural living.

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MD: Your images on Wilder are beautiful. Do you have a background in photography? 

AF: I have always been a very visual person, and I have a massive love for photography's unique way of telling stories. I have modeled for many years and have always loved the power of storytelling with photography, and how images are forever interpreted differently by each individual, allowing people to create their own stories.

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MD: More women are "leaning out" of their professional careers to start their own business and the mompreneur trend is gaining momentum. How has this changed your life as a working parent? 

AF: I find it really inspiring that so many women are building careers that allow them to be with their children more often. This movement is very in line with the ethos of Wilder. Being a single mother of a 3- year-old, while juggling work commitments, means that I definitely have my hands in many pots at the moment. This year, my son will start his first cycle of Montessori school, so I imagine that will allow more time for me to focus working on my second baby, Wilder.

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MD: What do you love most about being a mompreneur/working mom? Why? 

AF: I created Wilder because I wanted to have a career that revolved around my lifestyle. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my son and less time traveling. I also think it's really important for people to focus on doing things that they are good at and are passionate about. If more people were doing their craft, the world would be a very different place.

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MD: What are the morning and evening routines you swear by? 

AF: We swim every morning (summer or winter) and usually walk on the beach at night time. Lavender baths at night always make for a calm household.

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MD: What's one of the biggest lessons your son has taught you? 

AF: Balance and patience in equal parts.

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MD: How do you keep yourself and your son healthy while you're on the go? 

AF: Here are a few things I use daily: Herbal teas and nettle concoctions, colloidal silver, bone broth, probiotics, vitamin C, green juice, organic vegetables, activated nuts and seeds, chia pudding, meditation, laughter, and nature.

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MD: Work/life balance to me is ____? 

AF: I find meditating really helps me to find balance when things become chaotic. Life can be full-on at times, and it is always helpful to find that middle ground again; to find stillness in the chaos. Do real things, get dirty, work hard, play, travel, love, eat well, have a nice bottle of wine. Life is short, so balance is very important.

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How do you maintain work/life balance as a working parent? What are your tips for ensuring your health and wellness aren't compromised with a busy lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!


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