5 of the Best-Looking Home Security Systems Out There
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5 of the Best-Looking Home Security Systems Out There

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By Kayla Matthews
It's common for homeowners to come to the realization that although they want to protect their homes from burglaries and similar issues that could result in property damage or loss, they don’t want to detract from their home's facade by using large and looming equipment.

Luckily, manufacturers have responded to this call and created security systems that monitor your home in style—and are sometimes even virtually unnoticeable. 

1. Nest

Nest is well-known for offering a high-tech thermostat, but did you know that they also make an elegant security system?

You can arm and disarm your Nest security system from anywhere, using just your smartphone. You can also customize how your security system works by choosing where you want to place the Nest sensors around your house.

The sensors detect motion and when a window or door is opened or closed. So, even if an intruder doesn't move in front of the sensor, it will know if someone entered through the window.

Find at: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

2. Titan Alarm Systems

Titan Alarm offers 2GIG, Skybell, Interlogix, Honeywell, and Kwikset hardware. 

Many of these home security technologies connect to Wi-Fi networks and allow for monitoring from Titan Alarm's convenient Qolsys panel.

Titan Alarm is one of the fastest-growing security companies in North America. One thing that's helped it achieve that accomplishment is the availability of capable and high-tech systems that work without taking up too much space.

Find at: TitanAlarm.com 

3. Kuna 

Kuna is a slender system that triggers an assortment of intelligent devices that users set up, such as outdoor cameras, motion sensors, and lights. 

In addition to being visually pleasing, Kuna accessories look like natural parts of a home. For example, Kuna's smart security light looks like a normal outdoor fixture, but serves as an intercom and camera. 

Another product called The Toucan attaches to existing lights via a USB. The setup is finished in minutes rather than hours. 

When users get notifications about potential problems, they can use a complementary app to investigate, then decide how to take action. They might activate an automated greeting, use the two-way talk system, or sound an alarm. 

 Find at: Amazon | Home Depot

 4. The Ring Stick-Up Cam 

This wire-free and weather-resistant option features a small, black build. This means that it doesn’t take up much room, nor does it disrupt the surrounding decor once mounted. 

In addition to offering audio and 720p HD video footage, it allows you to speak to people. Motion-activated alerts also go to users’ smartphones and computers, keeping them in the loop. 

Find at: AmazonHome Depot

5. The Arlo Pro 2 

Arlo's cameras don’t have wires and users can power them with cords, rechargeable batteries, or the sun. 

To check the surroundings, users can live stream the collected video and audio footage or view it for up to a week after retrieving it from cloud-based storage. A two-way audio and speaker system allows you to listen to an environment or talk to people within it. 

 Find at: Amazon | Best Buy 

These security solutions show that it can actually be easy to watch a house—or at least keep intruders out of it—without resorting to bulky equipment. And, as the demand for these streamlined systems continue to rise, they’ll likely become even more attractive and efficient over time. 

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