The Making of Screenplay: Part 1

The Making of Screenplay: Part 1

By Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu, a partner at Oyler Wu Collaborative, documents the process from design through fabrication of their latest installation, Screenplay, to be featured at the upcoming Dwell on Design 2012. Part 1: Introduction. Several months ago, Michael Sylvester, managing director of Dwell on Design, approached us about designing and constructing an installation for the upcoming Dwell on Design show in June. I was really excited about finally showing a piece at Dwell, but equally as nervous about the challenges, ranging from design to fabrication to material issues—sourcing the building material as well as designing the process of how we will actually build it. Although these concerns are things that we have become quite accustomed to through our previous work, unforeseeable challenges always seem to pop up along the way that force us to be both resourceful and inventive about resolving them.

Here's "reALIze" viewed from the front. Photo by Scott Mayoral.


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