The ‘Made For iPod’ Fridge
By Bryan Gardiner / Published by Dwell

At this week’s IFA (Germany’s version of CES), European appliance manufacturer Gorenje debuted a slick new refrigerator that bares the official “Made for iPod” mark. Not only does this slim, monolithic ice box rival the iPod in the looks department, but the two devices actually work together to complement the overall kitchen experience. Like most other iPod compatible docking devices, owners have the option of inserting their iPod Touches or iPhones into the fridge and playing music and video through the unit’s built-in speakers. But the real selling point of this marriage is Gorenje’s Web portal service, iGorenje. Using your home Wi-Fi network, you can essentially control various fridge functions as well as a few other Gorenje appliances using iPod itself.

Additionally, since you’re connected to the Internet, you can also pull recipes in text or video format, or double-checking washing instructions for various pieces of clothing. Indeed, Gorenge’s new system adds an undeniably nifty new way of interacting with and monitoring your home appliance ecosystem. Here’s to hoping there’s some sort of built-in alarm for when beer reserves get dangerously low.


Bryan Gardiner


Bryan has covered the ins and outs Silicon Valley and the tech industry for close to five years, writing about everything from supercomputers to greentech. He is a frequent contributor to and has also written for the LA Weekly, PC Magazine and McSweeney’s. He also pens a regular gadget column for NorthWest Airlines.

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