The Art of Finding Love

The Art of Finding Love

By Rachel Helen / Published by Pip Tompkin
Renowned artist Michael Kalish, in collaboration with Pip Tompkin Design, celebrates the timeless search for love.

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love in pursuit. 

For love, even when found, must always be pursued.

Celebrate the pursuit with  "The Art of Finding Love."

Michael Kalish, in his signature fashion of creating three-dimensional experiential art , designed to playfully interact with its audience, presents what he calls, "the most meaningful work of his career." "The Art of Finding Love" is an optical illusion vase that affords unique experiences depending upon it's vantage point, until at last the word "Love" is found.

Through collaboration with Pip Tompkin Design, an award-winning design studio in Los Angeles, Kalish's visualization came to life through the design team's vision of elegant simplicity. Pip Tompkin Design’s notable perspective of dual functionality also added an element of surprise to Kalish's notion. When the vase is turned vertically, it holds a new function as a candelabra. This inventive purpose allows for intimate candlelit dinners and infuses the vase with deeper romance.

In a daring expression of the complexities of love, this piece is also unveiled as a sonnet in sculpture form  - THE ART OF FINDING LOVE - at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Love, from all perspectives, is simultaneously complicated and simple. 

Through the marriage of thoughtful design, artistic vision, and unique commentary; love is found.

Sculpture Tour Dates:

The Grove- Los Angeles, CA: Ends Feb 14

FP Contemporary- Culver City, CA: Feb 18-22 

HD Buttercup- Culver City, CA: Feb 23-28 

HD Buttercup- San Francisco, CA: March 8-15 

Miami, Fl: Dec

Meet the Designers:

Michael Kalish – Artist 

Pip Tompkin – Creative Director 

Samuel McClellan - Designer 


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