Small Space Solution: The Splitback Sofa Series

By Marianne Colahan
The Splitback Sofa series from Innovation USA expertly pairs design and functionality. Use this streamlined sofa where you need it to perform double duty—it is a sofa, sofa bed, and even a combination of the two in a half-up, half-down position. Available at the Dwell Store, the Splitback Sofa evokes the look of midcentury modern furniture, and makes a versatile addition to any interior, from studio apartments to home offices.

Flemming Højfeldt founded Innovation Randers A/S in 1971 in the true spirit of the 1970s, manufacturing beanbags. For fifteen years, the company functioned as a supplier for the furniture industry, but Højfeldt was interested in becoming more involved in the design aspect of production. At the end of the 1980s, the company transitioned to Innovation Living, designing furniture and even working in collaboration with esteemed Danish designer Verner Panton. In 1991, the brand launched Innovation USA, expanding the company’s reach to North America. Under the leadership of design director Per Weiss, the company produces modern furnishings that expertly blend function and style.

A part of Innovation USA’s line of furniture, the Splitback Sofa series—available in a version with or without arms, is a versatile furnishing that realizes Innovation USA’s mission of taking innovation beyond the company’s name and making it a part of each of its designs. Available in several upholstered colors with wood leg supports—both light and dark finishes—the Splitback Sofa has inventive features that make it adaptable to a variety of interiors.

First, the sofa doubles as a full-size sofa bed with an easy reclining mechanism, taking it from casual seating in a living room to an extra sleep space in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the mattress is high quality and designed for comfort, including an excess pocket spring constructed with a ten-inch spring that is surrounded by a soft foam core. Two layers of carted cotton on top and a layer underneath make the sofa extremely resilient. The upholstery chosen is comfortable and breathable, and is designed to accommodate both primary functions of the sofa—sitting and sleeping. Aptly named, the sofa has a split back so part of the sofa can be fully reclined, and part can remain elevated with a backrest. The backrest also has three levels of recline, so the sofa can be adjusted based easily to suit your needs.

This versatility is of paramount importance for Innovation USA. The company is consistently future-focused, creating durable products that are designed to last both in terms of their construction, as well as in their style. The Splitback Sofa can take a studio apartment from cramped to functional, and can provide sitting and sleeping solutions in living rooms, dens, and office spaces. This is the kind of furnishing that expertly blends functionality and timeless design while remaining accessible.

About the Designer

Per Weiss is the Director of Innovation Design Office International. The Danish designer began his career as a professional musician while studying at the School of Architecture in Aarhus. Weiss worked for several Danish architects and in 1988, graduated as an industrial designer. He joined Innovation in 1989 and has been a consistent force in the brand’s creative development and has designed many of the collections. Weiss is inspired by Scandinavian design traditions, fashion, and lifestyle trends, and seeks to create enduring design that appeals to a current audience.

Find the Series at the Dwell Store

Splitback Sofa, $1230

Splitback Sofa with Arms, $1585


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