Small Apple in DUMBO

Small Apple in DUMBO

By Jamie Waugh
Perhaps it's because there are more young children in New York City than there have been in decades, according to most census reports, but stylish shops for the under-six set in Brooklyn have proliferated like bars in the 80s in the East Village. DUMBO's Pomme (French for "apple") is no exception. But it's exceptionally enchanting.

Since late 2005 the shop has brought a charmed voice to children's goods, from ubiquitous French handwritten walls to its selection of classic, modern, new, and vintage Brooklyn-made goodies. The venue hosts events as well—for instance, the Doudou Project, which is an annual tradition of inviting New York children to be photographed with their most-adored worldly goods. ("Doudou" is French for "lovey.") The end result will be Doudou 4, a month-long exhibit of the prints. 

Just in case you were wondering, kiddo haircuts are available on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Lollipop included.

That's not to say bars in Brooklyn aren't proliferating like bars in the 80s in the East Village as well…


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