Sibling Artists to Join ASID for a Dwell on Design New York Installation

Brothers Steven & William hosted an interactive "Scrollathon" in the ASID exhibition space at Dwell on Design NY.
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The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) called upon brothers Steven and William Ladd, the minds behind the Chelsea studio Steven & William, to host a "Scrollathon" during all three days of Dwell on Design New York. The brothers invented Scrollathons as a means of engaging the community to create original works of art—from strips of fabric that would otherwise be thrown away—meant to give the participants a feeling of accomplishment and a sense that they are contributing to a more sustainable future. The brothers then arrange the scrolls into "landscapes" that become a larger artwork, one that at times resembles a modern take on the whimsical circles that appear in works by Klimt or Klee.

Steven (right) and William Ladd will host an interactive Scrollathon at Dwell on Design New York.

"We hate wasting materials," says Steven, who will work with his brother, ASID designers, and Dwell on Design New York attendees—integrating ASID’s signature bright-red hue—on a piece that will most likely grace the Society’s new headquarters in Washington, D.C. "Through Scrollathons, we can share our basic values: collaborate, be focused and disciplined, and spend your life doing what you love."

The scrolled pieces become landscapes that are turned into Art Towers. Dwell on Design New York attendees will help create a similar tower onsite.

"The Scrollathon fits well with ASID’s core themes, which include hospitality, healthcare, education, and institutional and residential design, interwoven with sustainability, social responsibility, and well-being," says ASID director of membership and industry development Kevin Mulvaney, who recruited the brothers to join the ASID exhibition space at Dwell on Design New York. ASID student volunteers will help curate the landscape as it grows throughout the course of the show.

One of Steven & William's art towers, integrating William's detailed beadwork. A similar red, ASID's signature, will be infused into the onsite installation at Dwell on Design New York.

Another exciting venture in 2014 is the brothers' first solo exhibition at the newly constructed Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, New York.

Fabric scraps that otherwise would end up in the landfill become part of an artwork.


The ASID graphic represents the Society's core values—among them globalization and sustainability—woven together. The concept of disciplines cross-pollinating will play into their exhibition on the show floor at Dwell on Design New York.


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