Seeing Orange in SF

An event you should not miss tonight is Dwell editor-in-chief Sam Grawe talking over the relationship between American and Dutch design with a handful of Dutch designers working here in the States. Maaike Evers of San Francisco's Mike and Maaike sits in, as do the New York-based Alissa Melka-Teichroew of byAMT Studio and industrial designer Jan Habraken. They talk at the Dutch Consulate General tonight at 6:00.

Jewelry by Dutch designer Alissa Melka-Tiechroew.

Jewelry by Dutch designer Alissa Melka-Tiechroew.

Another good bet, if you've got loads of time to kill, is swinging past the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to see an outdoor screening of deisgner Maarten Baas' film Real Time: Sweepers. In it Bass shows a pair of workmen sweeping two piles of debris to mimic the ticking hands of a clock. It's hypnotic. Have a look.

A good final bet for your week of Dutch design comes on Thursday at Supernatural in Potrero Hill. It wouldn't be Dutch (or San Franciscan for that matter) if bicycles weren't on the agenda. Rob Forbes, the founder of PUBLIC Bikes will talk about bike culture with Soraya Nasirian, the owner of My Dutch Bike.

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