Rubell Collection: Donut Wall

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By Aaron Britt
I saw a lot of art and a lot of design amidst the Basel melee in Miami last week. But little can compare to the sheer glee I experienced at seeing this massive wall of donuts at the Rubell Family Collection last Thursday.

The Rubell Family is one of Miami's biggest collectors of contemporary art, and as a kind of grand welcoming gesture to the city at large, they opened up their Wynwood Arts District museum with a wildly well-attended breakfast to celebrate the opening of their new show, Beg Borrow and Steal. Unsure of what kind of scene I'd find, and just how many passes at my dreamed-of buffet table I'd make, I abandoned my quiche and crumpets fantasy as soon as I saw what must have been the largest expanse of cake donuts I'd ever glimpsed.

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A fellow journo--a German, thus the slightly-off translation--had told me that a wall of bagels were waiting for us in the museum's courtyard. Resigned to, at best, the leavings of the lox plate, my spirits leapt upon realizing that the eight-foot-high-by perhaps forty-foot- long wall was affixed with a panoply not of bagels but their far more toothsome cousins. Who made them? Don't know, don't care. Who ate them? Everyone present. And with coffee just behind the wall I utterly forewent decorum and scarfed two in quick succession. A choice I promptly sweated out over the course of the rest of the sweltering day. No regrets, my friends. No regrets. 

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