Roundup: Best CFL's

By Laure Joliet / Published by Dwell
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We all know that changing out traditional incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescents is a huge step towards managing energy consumption. The only problem is that often the light they give off is just bad. Thankfully that's changing and there are some utterly flattering cfl's on the market now:

GE's Energy Smart Dimmable 15Watt CFL bulb: has received some rave reviews and people mainly remark that it doesn't have any of the harshness you associate with CFL's.

 n*vision Soft White G25 (14 watt) was ranked best cfl for pendant lights (and great bulb overall) Real Simple.

Phillip's Marathon Bulb and the MaxLite MicroMax were both rated an overall A- on Popular Mechanics.

The New York Times rounded up their favorites.  Among the top contenders, the TCP Spring Light/Soft White available through 1000 bulbs.

 Do you have a favorite bulb that you would swear was an incandescent?

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