Ridge Nesting Bowls

Ridge Nesting Bowls

By Aaron Britt
Form and function have to meet when it comes to our daily dishes. And though you might suffer for the sake of a handsome serving dish, why bother when something as striking as these stoneware Ridge Nesting Bowls from J Schatz comes along. Debuted last month, this trio of bowls is the latest from J Schatz and presages a big move for the New York brand. "We have been transitioning all of our current product lines into stoneware,"Jim Schatz told me. "We plan on completing the transition by the end of the year."

I got in touch with Schatz to ask him about the form of the bowls, which at first blush reminded me of broken cabbages. "The form was an accident," said Schatz, "created by experimenting with some molds we had created for a series of textured drip forms that never materialized into the intended object, a pendant light. I used the seam line where the two parts of the mold join to create the opening and form a bowl. I have been testing these over the past few months and they are fun to use in the kitchen and look great on the table when serving. I love being able to pour things out of the bowls low spots, like the eggs I cook every morning using Julia Child's classic scramble method."

A single, medium-size bowl in satin white costs $120.

The bowls themselves are made in Schatz's studio in Greene, New York, and come individually or in sets of three in white satin, black satin, and gold. I confess that I'm partial for the gold, which do have a small amount of the precious metal in the finish.

Here's a full set of the three nesting bowls in black. The set goes for $360.


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