RIBA Winners

I quickly hopped from book to webpage and in the process came across a few nuggets not included in the text. For one, be sure to check out this gallery of the 2009 Royal Gold Medal winner Alvaro Siza. Siza has a stellar body of work behind him, and the Portugese Pritzker Prize winner shows few signs of slowing down.

For a rather different take on the buildings shortlisted for the presigious Stirling Prize, watch this video. I was at first expecting some narrated stroll through the various projects nominated, which range from a winery to a museum to a health center, but instead got the buildings rather as you might look at them on your own: long, panning shots devoid of contextualizing archi-babble, or the fulsome plaudits that usually come with awards-giving trade. The ultimate winner was Maggie's Center London (pictured above) by Sir Richard Rogers.

And for you Britons gearing up for a win in 2010, apply here and now.

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