Replacement Conservatory Roofs: Ins & Outs

Replacement Conservatory Roofs: Ins & Outs

By Lewis Ogden

Having a replacement conservatory roof is a great decision for many different reasons, especially coming into the colder months. If you have a glass or polycarbonate roof on your conservatory, you will likely be familiar with extreme temperatures such as being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Likewise, a glass roof might create a lot of unnecessary noise from rainfall, which can easily be avoided.Investing in a replacement conservatory roof can do wonders, particularly if you opt for a solid tiled roof. But how does it work? Why do solid tiles make such a big difference?  The beauty of having a replacement conservatory roof is that it is able to fit on an existing conservatory; it’s never been easier to update or modernise the space.

What does a replacement conservatory roof consist of?

A solid tiled roof for your conservatory is usually made up of several layers of various material. Starting with a durable aluminium frame, it will also have a layer of rigid insulation board as well as internal insulated plasterboard. The materials used in a replacement conservatory roof are designed to improve the room, and is designed perfectly to ensure it doesn’t weigh more than your original glazed roof. Due to this, you can be confident that your conservatory can take the weight of a new roof. Its structural performance will have been considered at every opportunity; aluminium was chosen for the frame to ensure that there is minimum pressure on your conservatory walls.

How can it improve your conservatory?

By upgrading your conservatory roof, you may finally create a space that you and your family can use all year round. Creating the perfect room for whatever you see fit, a replacement conservatory roof can allow you to relax without suffering from an uncomfortable temperature. A solid tiled conservatory roof can improve the thermal efficiency; with a U-value of 0.15 in England and 0.18 in Scotland, you can be confident in the fact that your conservatory will have been transformed into an energy efficient space. In other words, you may no longer have to blast the heating or grab a blanket when sitting in your conservatory this winter! You might even find that you could save money on your heating bills in the long run.

What will a replacement conservatory roof look like?

If you opt to have a new, solid tiled conservatory roof, you should expect a modern and efficient finish. By using tiles, you will see an authentic shape with a great character of slate; but without the risk of it breaking! A tiled conservatory roof is lightweight and designed to last, enhancing the performance of your roof even further. Withstanding the harsh elements, you’ll be comfortably snug in your conservatory even if it’s howling a gale outside! Tiles for your replacement roof are available on the market in so many different colours, so that you can perfectly match your existing property. In this way, your conservatory will feel as though it’s an integral part of your home and you may even be inclined to use it more. Transform your conservatory today and get it winter-ready with a solid tiled roof! 


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