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By Aaron Britt / Published by Dwell
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Today at Dwell, as we fire up our MacBooks and plug in the odd iPhone, we remember Steve Jobs, the 56 year-old former CEO of Apple who died yesterday. Few companies have demonstrated such a relentless commitment to good design as Apple did under Jobs' guiding hand. I recently interviewed Dieter Rams, another company man (at Braun) who revolutionized the way companies tie themselves to industrial design (and a clear inspiration for Apple's products) and he named Apple as the company today with the strongest design ethos. Rams discussed how a company can't merely have a few design stars in the lab, it must receive constant support from the highest reaches of the corporate ladder. Jobs understood that, and as we come to terms with his passing yesterday, we'll see his legacy play out for generations. As such, we've chosen a trio of fitting tributes from around the web to one of our great industrialists—the man with the golden Apple.

It's easy for design fans to forget that much of the crux of Jobs' true innovation came inside all those pretty white plastic cases. The New York Times offers this excellent graphic showing all the patents Jobs held.

The Economist helps make sense of what Jobs has meant, and will come to mean, to the wider world. There's no better explainer of the world and its doings in the popular press, and here the magazine says less about Jobs the man and more about Jobs the influencer. They sum it up nicely when they reckon that Jobs "was able to make people love what had previously been impersonal, functional gadgets."

Finally, for those who want to see the man over the ages, the San Francisco Chronicle offers a tribute in pictures. Scroll through the 95 images here to see Jobs morph from young technologist to a household name.

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