Remembering Nick Murcutt

Remembering Nick Murcutt

By Aaron Britt
It is with great sadness that we recently learned of the death of the talented Australian architect Nick Murcutt of the firm Neeson Murcutt. He and his longtime partner, Rachel Neeson, designed some of Australia's most exciting residential architecture over the last decade, and his loss will be felt widely across the architecture community. Nick's father is the great architect Glenn Murcutt, and he's survived by two young children and his wife (they married just before he died) Neeson. He passed away on March 17th.

We had the pleasure of running a story on one of Neeson Murcutt's wonderful houses in our July/August 2009 issue, and I think if you take a look you'll quickly see the firm's commitment to the principles of modern design and dedication to meeting the residents' needs.

I particularly remember that the resident, Hannah Ferguson, had lived in a couple architect-designed homes before and that her pleasure with Neeson Murcutt's design is that it managed to evoke some of what she'd experienced before. Have a second look at the story about the home in North Avoca, Australia, and you'll understand why losing Nick Murcutt is a blow.

Click here to view our slideshow of Nick Murcutt's design for the Ferguson Residence in North Avoca, Australia.


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