Reel to Reel

Reel to Reel

By SHIFT / Published by SHIFT
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A parable of redesigning the hose reel from the wall out.

With pen and mouse in hand, the team at SHIFT_DESIGN (as SHIFT was then known) began work in 2009 on developing an entire collection of outdoor utilitarian objects. Things often overlooked such as rain barrels and hose reels enhanced with refined design in Stainless Steel. The first twelve products landed us on the doorstep of every design journal from New York to Palm Springs.

The CEDAR Herb Garden and PARKER Living Wall made their way into coffee shop La Colombe and sandwich masters RyBread here in Philly, bringing the farm to the table.

FITZWATER rain tank

FITZWATER Rain Tank is the modern rain collection system for environmentally focused families. We noted that environmentally friendly doesn't typically go hand in hand with great design - so in 2009 we brought our modern rain tank to market as an alternative to the blue plastic barrels of yore.

FAIRMOUNT green roof

We still have a soft spot for steel of the stainless variety and uncoated aluminum - continuing to offer our WYLIE Hose Reel in Silver and the FAIRMOUNT Living Tiles in uncoated Aluminum.

As always, made in America.
Pennsylvania, to be specific.

Follow our instagram at @shiftmakes for updates on the SHIFT team, and our favorite designers @SHIFTSPACE for new projects with companies like Shake Shack and Urban Outfitters.  

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