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By Bryan Gardiner / Published by Dwell
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As far as looks go, there's not much that separates one iPod dock from the other these days. Altec Lansing wants to change that. The computer audio maker recently showed off a new line of docks, speakers and other consumer audio gear in conjunction with its larger rebranding effort.

The results, it must be said, are pretty mesmerizing. For the most part, the company has ditched the generic black slab approach to crafting its new docks, concentrating instead on a distinctly retro look for the lineup.

AL's inMotion Moondance GLOW (below; $180) features chrome accents, large screws—even a multicolored illumination system in the back of the unit. That's in addition to a dual-alarm clock, two 3-inch speakers, a sleek wireless remote, and an integrated FM radio.

If you're looking for something with a bit more kick, the inMotion MAX (below; $200) uses basically the same design scheme, but with four speaks, a prominent front grill and the company's XdB bass enhancement (so you don't need a separate subwoofer).

AL also unveiled a new set of Expressionist PC speakers (at top; $130), which beyond looking like two tiny desktop periscopes, feature down-firing integrated subwoofers, two 1.5-inch drivers, and an aux input so you can connect them directly to an alternative audio source.

All three speaker systems will be available this October, according to the company. And while the jury's still out on how they'll actually sound, it's nice to see someone inject a little design flair into what are typically some of the blandest peripherals around.


Bryan Gardiner


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