Rakish Behavior

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By Jamie Waugh
Innovation is frequently the younger sibling to a problem, question, or challenge—a designer realizes something doesn't work, and then an idea is born. Case in point is the Outdoor Grip Garden Rake by Scott Henderson for Casabella.

Housewares manufacturer and distributor Casabella hired Henderson, a product designer, to develop a clever take on the lawn rake. Henderson thought and raked, and in so doing realized that he had a peculiar habit of grabbing the wood stick down low—where head meets pole—turning the rake surface into a giant claw.

This stance is not comfy for the lower back or the hands, especially when using rakes with sharp edges. So Henderson designed a giant handle right at the face of the rake's head for easy scooping. It's quite pretty, too.

If only rakes shoveled snow.

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