Promo Daily: Nancy Baron

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By Julia Sabot
Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Nancy Baron
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Promo Daily: Nancy Baron - Photo 1 of 6 -

The cover of The Good Life: Palm Springs by photographer Nancy Baron.

"I like to discover and document, without judgement, the exotic subculture next door, aiming to capture and celebrate the majesty in worlds that could easily be overlooked, seen as mundane, or otherwise misunderstood". - Nancy Baron

Promo Daily: Nancy Baron - Photo 2 of 6 -

Page 12 of The Good Life by Nancy Baron.

Los Angeles-based photographer Nancy Baron caught our attention with her photo book, The Good Life: Palm Springs. The book offers a lush look at Palm Springs, the unique small desert town in California. The design of the book is simple and beautiful. It gives the images full power to tell the story of Palm Springs through Baron's eyes. She begins the book with a statement about the project and then fills the pages with images. The photos are a mix of architecture, landscape, and portraits. After I put the book down, I felt like I had a good grasp visually of Palm Springs and of Nancy's beautiful photography. 

Promo Daily: Nancy Baron - Photo 3 of 6 -

Page 16 of The Good Life.

Promo Daily: Nancy Baron - Photo 4 of 6 -

The architecture, landscape, and colors are very representative of Palm Springs.

Promo Daily: Nancy Baron - Photo 5 of 6 -

A luxurious interior in Palm Springs.

Promo Daily: Nancy Baron - Photo 6 of 6 -

Colorful detail shots are a nice addition to the book.