Promo Daily: José Mandojana

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By Julia Sabot / Published by Dwell
Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: José Mandojana

I got excited to open this promo from photographer José Mandojana. As I was already familiar with his work, which is usually quite common when receiving promos (we are doing our photo research!), I knew he would choose strong images to show. The front image immediately caught my eye—the beautiful trees, rising mist, and wonderful color palette is striking if not a bit eerie. I opened the promo to find a portrait, something José does extremely well, and a landscape image to accompany it. I found my self staring at the two images wanting to see every detail. Who is this man with the cowboy hat, and who are those people running through the desert? My desire to know more led me directly his website. This is a photo promo win, what all photographers should be aiming for when sending out promos. There was one more strong portrait on the back flap—another nice choice. All four images that José included are truly representative of his work and style. Receiving his promo was a nice reminder that he is out there making beautiful images.

Promo Daily: José Mandojana - Photo 1 of 3 -

Promo Daily: José Mandojana - Photo 2 of 3 -

Promo Daily: José Mandojana - Photo 3 of 3 -