Promo Daily: Joe Toreno

Promo Daily: Joe Toreno

Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Joe Toreno

Today's photography promo (that was sent digitally to my inbox) makes me smile. Joe Toreno sent this martial arts guy attacking me right there on my monitor in my cubicle.  It's simple—with his name on the top and just an amazing select of what he can capture and how he directs on-set. I'm already very familiar with his work, so coming across this e-mail promo made me chuckle. This promo lead me to scroll down and view the rest of the email where it revealed additional stop-motion athletes and a tear sheet from Men's Health who commissioned this shoot. I was so into these athletes, I found myself clicking on his site to see if there were even MORE of these jumpers. And voilà! There were, and I smiled some more.

Promo Daily: Joe Toreno - Photo 1 of 1 -

The latest promotional photography piece sent by Joe Toreno, based in Los Angeles, California.

Anna Goldwater Alexander
Anna has a BFA in Photography from the University of Arizona and lives in San Rafael, California, with her husband and two children.


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