Promo Daily: Anna Wolf

Promo Daily: Anna Wolf

By Julia Sabot
In this installment of Photographer's Promotional Pieces We Love and Why: Anna Wolf

This is a great example of a promotional piece where the photographer paid careful attention to detail. Anna Wolf created this beautiful 22-paged small book of her images with a blue string sewn binding. The first thing that jumped out at me was the way the binding and its texture worked perfectly with the image on the cover. The texture of the binding mirrors the texture of the shirt in the image. The color palette is also quite pleasing to the eye, and the card with her name on it can be removed so you can see the image with no obstructions (nice touch). Flipping through the book is a lovely experience. The layouts of the pages go from full spreads to a mix of small images. The variation is nice, and the image combinations thoughtfully chosen. You truly get a sense of Anna's style and can see her consistancy throughout the book.

A nice example of an image being used as a full spread.

Photographer Anna Wolf created this beautiful small promo book that drove us to her website wanting to see more.


The images were thoughtfully paired throughout the book.

There is great attention to detail from the blue string sewn binding to image pairing.

Wolf showed us the consistency of her style throughout her images, something we love to see.

The images Anna chose were strong and never felt repetitive.

Contact information and recent clients are listed on the back of the book.


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