Product Spotlight: A-Frames by Chiaozza

Product Spotlight: A-Frames by Chiaozza

By Eujin Rhee
Inspired by a Danish folk design, Brooklyn-based Chiaozza's hand-cut geometrical A-Frame shelves not only house various keepsakes and objects, but can proudly stand on its own as a sculptural wall piece.

Using simple wooden joinery, the A-Frame can easily be taken apart and transported anywhere. Shelves are brightly coated with a matte acrylic paint and various oil-based wood stains.

Crafted from a process called steam-bending, the curved wooden pieces are heated in a steam box, then formed into a shape.

Parallelogram in Lemon and Mustard, $200

Twin Peaks in Icy Blues and Greens, $200

This one even comes with a mirror!

The A-Frame in Opera and Greys, $225

To purchase, visit their online shop!

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