This Sleek Home Security System Blends in With Any Decor

This Sleek Home Security System Blends in With Any Decor

By Jensen Power
Presented by SimpliSafe
SimpliSafe’s exceptionally designed home security system is both powerful and beautiful, safeguarding every corner of the house while blending into the background.

Home security is often top of mind for any homeowner, but selecting the right system can seem daunting. Some provide limited coverage, others are cost prohibitive, and most are downright ugly. But with its third generation system released earlier this year, SimpliSafe’s professionally monitored home security system makes comprehensive security something it’s never been before: a delight. SimpliSafe is home security that you will actually want in your home.

Robustly designed to alert homeowners to threats while avoiding false alarms, the system is a simple, chic, and effective path to total home security. The SimpliSafe Base Station—the brains and primary siren of the system—connects to all sensors placed throughout the home.

Boasting a redesign by the world-class team at IDEO, the system features clean lines and elegant curves. Its thoughtful design shines through in its remarkable attention to details. With swept-front surfaces and tapered backs, sensors tuck back and disappear into corners. It’s easy to blanket a home with sensors and never notice them. Pieces you interact with every day, like the keypad and key fob, are designed to be soft and smooth, and responsive to your touch. The system also responds intelligently to different types of situations. Leave with a window open and it will remind you with a gentle voice prompt, but if a window opens when you’re not home, it responds immediately and with urgency. Little touches like this set SimpliSafe apart and reveal the amount of care put into the product and experience design.

For a system with such comprehensive security, SimpliSafe is incredibly discreet. The small sensors disappear once placed in window and door jambs, and the neutral home station blends into the background once installed.

Aesthetically speaking, SimpliSafe stands out because, well, it doesn't. For a system that provides non-stop, blanket security from the top to the bottom of the home, it is incredibly discreet. Small sensors practically disappear once they’re placed in window and door jambs, and the neutral home station becomes hardly noticeable once installed. 

At the same time, they are remarkably comprehensive. The Haven system, for instance, includes everything from entry and motion sensors to a panic button and environmental sensors to detect fires, water leaks, and temperature changes. All the sensors are monitored by professionals. If one is tripped, they will call you to ensure you’re okay, then dispatch help to your home.

The SimpliSafe system comes with entry, motion, and glassbreak sensors, all designed to disappear into your home. Well-considered details make the system intuitive to use—gentle reminders signal that a window has been left open, the entry keypad lights up with a touch so that it's readable in the dark, and a key fob sets the alarm with the press of a button.

Once the SimpliSafe system is set up, it monitors the home around-the-clock—and can even identify different types of activity. "We spent years testing and fine-tuning our motion and glassbreak sensors," says Adam Pineau, a SimpliSafe product manager. "The motion sensors are so precise they can distinguish pets from people, and the glassbreak sensors know the difference between a plate breaking and a window being smashed." Additionally, SimpliSafe has painstakingly engineered these small sensors to have long range and batteries that almost never need to be changed.  

The SimpliSafe security system comes with a stake for the yard, a warning to would-be intruders. 

SimpliSafe has painstakingly engineered these small sensors to have long range and batteries that almost never need to be changed. A lot can go wrong in the case of an intrusion, so SimpliSafe has gone to extreme measures to plan for the worst. They’ve thought of power outages, network outages, storms, and physical damage to the system itself, ensuring that whatever may go wrong won’t thwart the system and jeopardize home safety.

The SimpliSafe keypad, placed by a main entrance, allows homeowners to set their systems upon leaving or entering the house. In another clever design touch, it goes dark when it’s not in use so it doesn’t distract you, and lights up with a touch when you need to see it.

Security cameras allow homeowners to keep tabs on activity in the home while they’re out. 

The Key Fob works just like a car’s key fob. Homeowners can arm or disarm their system with the press of a button. It’s remarkably slim so it can easily fit in your pocket, with a discreet panic button tucked on top.

Cost is often a big factor to consider when selecting a home security system, and it can be difficult to prioritize top of the line security when it seems cost prohibitive. Many providers’ costs include installation fees and pricey markups, and operate on a contract basis that can be hard to break without incurring a fee. SimpliSafe has removed a lot of third party vendors that drive mark-up costs, and does not operate on a contractual basis. These details mean that the homeowner gets reliable, high quality service at a surprisingly reasonable price, a huge bonus when home protection is already daunting and scary. SimpliSafe’s team has created a system with the homeowner in mind, providing beautifully designed, comprehensive security for every corner of the house, all at a remarkably fair price.


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