Photographer Q&A: JUCO

Photographer Q&A: JUCO

Photographer duo JUCO represents the collaborative work of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. They are primarily known for their fashion work, but showed us that they could photograph a house with that very same beautiful eye.
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This was your first shoot for Dwell—Were you excited about the assignment?

Absolutely, we've always wanted to shoot for the magazine and the assignment was perfect for us considering the nature of the home—all mid century to the core. 

Borrego Springs Eternal was JUCO's first assignment for Dwell.

Stacey Chapman Paton stands in the hallway.

What is your team shooting dynamic like?

Every job is very different. We both shoot and we both art direct, so we kind of just alternate back and forth. Cody is much more of a technical photographer, he often times works with our team to set up lights, and Julia often times work with our clients to make sure we're on track with the creative. 

Do you have any funny/favorite moments from the shoot?

The creative director (Alejandro) gave us our first assignment ever back in the day, so we've known him for a long time and he's a favorite person of ours. He came out for the shoot and we had a blast making jokes all day. If we had to pick one moment it would be when the guests started to arrive—the Hostess was watching them walk in next to the pool, and the wind took a hold of her dress. It was really beautiful and we were happy we captured that exact moment. 

Most challenging moment from the shoot?

The heat!

Favorite image you came away with?

The back of the hostess standing next to the pool with her long black dress flowing. 

A perfect moment captured became JUCO's favorite image from Borrego Springs.

What did you like most about the house?

All of the little details! The house was so well designed and super beautiful, but all of the ceramics, glass, art, and even the stuff that filled the kitchen—it was all curated so well and it was really fun to see things we've only ever seen in books in person. 

The residents prepare food before the kitchen's massive wall of tile from Heath Ceramics.

What was it like seeing your images in print when the issue came out?

We loved the way the story was presented. The layout really elevated the images. It was very exciting for us because we were also part of an issue with some other really, really great photographers. 

If you could choose one modern element to add to your home what would you choose?

Tough question—because there's never just one thing. I guess the first two things that come to mind are art—and the womb chair. 

A McKenzie-designed bed and a retro wall-hanging in one of the bedrooms at Borrego Springs.

A little more about you:

Where are you from? 

Cody is from Phoenix, AZ and Julia is from Miami, FL.

How long have you been shooting together?

We met in college and started working together on class assignments, however we officially started JUCO in 2009.

What type of assignments are you shooting these days?

We almost always shoot people. In the past few months, we've shot Solange Knowles and Aubrey Plaza for Complex magazine, a campaign for Cheerios involving a rapper, several fashion shoots for both editorial as well as commercial and album packaging for bands like Karmin and Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr.

One of JUCO's latest images up on their website.

Type of camera? 

5D Mark III, Mamiya 7II, RolleiFlex TRL

Film or Digital?



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