Philippe Starck, Discount Shopper?

Philippe Starck, Discount Shopper?

“In a time of financial crisis, we must go back to timeless objects and rediscover the elegance of basics,” said designer Philippe Starck, right before his shopping spree through discount retailer Big Lots.

Yes, the LA Times was able to get Philippe Starck inside a Big Lots for 20 minutes to see what he could dig up. And admit it, we're all a little trigger happy for a bargain right now, right? His tips (after leaving with 2 shopping carts full of stuff) are to look at quality over quantity, go with the simplest design you can find (or the bowl that looks most like a bowl), and make sure that your kids' creativity doesn't get stifled in the process of penny pinching.

Read the whole article here  and click here see the slideshow.

Image via Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

Hollywood, CA - December 04, 2008:

Designer Philippe Starck shops with his wife Jasmine Starck and daughter Ara at a Big Lots store in Hollywood. Philippe Starck is a designer of iconic furniture, products and interiors.

(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)


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