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By Karoline Fesser
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Karoline Fesser's products are results of her research of structures and patters of behavior. Her main goal is to design objects that develop their own language.

As a designer, I'm a researcher. I examine existing structures and patterns of behavior, as well as the manufacture and use of products. The design process is as a study. The products that I design, are results of my research. So my designs are usually the result of a theoretical discussion. The character imparting components such as shape, material and production are closely interlinked and mutually dependent. It is my goal, this character to design objects that develop their own language. With the emergence of Woonling Collection, for example, I have explored the relationship between architecture, furniture and people. It is the object of furniture to communicate between man and space. With the Woonling Collection I wanted to develop chairs that come together as separate objects, structures form and develop freely in the room depending on the situation. The result is a variable furniture system that adapts to circumstances and personal needs of the residents.Basically, I see the form is not from the beginning, where it is much more a result that evolves through the design process and the requirements of the product. Product aesthetics never existed in itself but arises from the interplay of good proportions, functionality, usability and meaningful Production. If the product then a separate identity developed with which people can identify, it is gaining relevance. It is desirable, if people can relate to products, because that makes things valuable and durable. As a designer I work to raise awareness of things.   

Karoline Fesser


Karoline Fesser is a product designer and copywriter. Born in 1983 in Opole, Poland, she grew up near Cologne, where she lives and works today. Karoline has product design at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen studied. During her diploma 2010 she cooperated with the Dutch furniture manufacturer Leolux - cooperation, in which the furniture concept Woonling Collection has emerged. Following her studies, she did an internship at the design magazine form in Basel and in the studio Ineke Hans in Arnhem. Since 2012 Caroline works as a freelance designer, her focus is on everyday objects and furniture. Their products have been shown at exhibitions in Cologne, Kortrijk, Milan, Paris and New York.

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