Panel Interview: America's Embassies

By Aaron Britt
Yesterday I posted a short interview I did with Philip Kennicott, culture critic with the Washington Post, after my embassy design panel "Designing Diplomacy" in Washington DC in May. I had a chance to chat with my two other panelists afterward at the Embassy of Finland and here is what they had to say.

Jane Loeffler is the foremost historian of American embassies and a professor of architectural history at the University of Maryland. In addition to having written the excellent book The Architecture of Diplomacy, Loeffler also lives just a stone's throw from the Embassy of Finland, where we held the talk. Here's a glimpse of what we spoke about on stage.


Of my three panelists for Designing Diplomacy, the only one with real clout in these affairs is Bill Miner, a veteran at the State Department and the Director of Design and Engineering at the Overseas Building Operations Office of the State Department. Not only was Miner able to shed real light on the practicalities of designing and maintaining embassies, he was also able to speak of new directions the State Department is considering.


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